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Journal Articles

Conference Proceedings

  • J. A. Abell, J. G. F. Crempien, and B. Jeremić - Physics-Based Scenario Modeling for Earthquake-Soil-Structure Interaction of Buildings in Proceedings of the 16th. World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 2017.

  • José Antonio Abell Mena, Sumeet Kumar Sinha, Boris Jeremić - *Wavelet Based Synthetic Earthquake Sources for Path and Soil Structure Interaction Modeling: Stress Testing of Nuclear Power Plants * Proceedings of IAEA conference on: Best Practices in Physics-based Fault Rupture Models for Seismic Hazard Assessment of Nuclear Installations, Vienna, Austria, November 1820, 2015

  • Nebojša Orbović, Boris Jeremić, José Antonio Abell Mena, Chao Luo, Robert P. Kennedy and Andrei Blaihoanu - Use of Nonlinear, Time Domain Analysis for Design of NPPs in Proceedings of the Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (SMiRT) 2015 Conference, Manchester, August 10-14, 2015.

  • N.Tafazzoli, F. Pisanò, J. A. Abell M., B. Kamrani, C.-G. Jeong, B. Aldridge, R. Roche, A. Kammerer, and B. Jeremic -  ESSI Simulator Program, Current Status . Proceedings of the 22nd. Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (SMiRT 22) Conference, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. 

Ph.D. Dissertation

Earthquake-Soil-Structure Interaction Modeling of Nuclear Power Plants for Near-Field Events - Ph.D. Dissertation - University of California at Davis, March 2016

Masters Thesis

InSAR Compatible Ground Motions for Northern Chile - Masters Thesis - Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, August 2009