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Site now powered by pelican!

I finally completed the transition from WordPress to Pelican. The moment was right. Pelican is more appropriate for me as it is much simpler to manage (I host my own webpage), more flexible in terms of what I can do with the blog, requires no php or database knowledge.

Pelican is a python powered static HTML generator. I set-up a heierarchy of folders where I store my content. Web content is generated using the Markdown text syntax. Pelican uses these markdown files and the folder structure to generate the website HTML.

Static HTML has some advantages over a database with server-side logic based website. The most important for me is speed and low memory usage, because I want to host my own website.

Also, it makes it easier to share code as I can include code snippets directly in the markdown text file and it gets highlighted using pygments (python module).

Thanks to this I can also now (to do) use python notebooks to blog directly. This is a nice feature as I will be blogging mainly about scientific computing, showing some example here and there and such.

Finally, I can version control the website using git and automate site updating using a git-hook on the server (thank this post). This means I can clone my git repo, make changes and push them and the server will automatically generate the website and deploy it!

I love pelican!