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Paper03 - Earthquake Soil Structure Interaction of Nuclear Power Plants, differences in response to 3-D, 3 × 1-D, and 1-D excitations

Finally! First paper since PhD was accepted for publication. I’ll take this opportunity to start a tradition and review my own papers here. I think its important that I do this for several reasons. First, there are discussions that come up during peer review that are important but don’t make it into the paper. Misconceptions about the presented work can be clarified to a broader audience here. Also, I can say whatever I want, specially opinions and thoughts that come from intuition and might not make it through peer-review, I’ll be as critical as possible about these …

Talk Given at IngeoKring 2016 - Physics-Based Earthquake-Soil-Structure Interaction for Near-Field Induced Seismicity

This is a talk given at the IngeoKring 2016 Autumn symposium, hosted at TU Delft.