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Using my gmshtranslator python tool to interface gmsh with opensees.

I wrote the gmshtranslator tool a while back during my PhD, to easily parse gmsh msh files to any other format. I’ve been using it for years now with not much change for both research and consulting, and have been contacted by other researchers that want to use it. I will soon write a tool, powered by gmshtranslator, to more easily translate from gmsh into OpenSees. Meanwhile, here is a short example on how to use gmshtranslator to create OpenSees models. The example assumes you know gmsh formats (.geo and .msh) and python.

The example consists on the simple …

SNE # 0. Stochastic inverse pendulum

This is the first installment of “Small Numerical Experiments” (SNE), a section where I upload and comment (briefly) some small numerical example. The purpose is to prove a point to myself, test some code, ideas, etc.


In this first post I will explore the response of a stochastic inverse pendulum. What I mean in this case is an inverse pendulum (shown left) with a random initial condition. The purpose is to obtain the time-evolving probability density function (PDF) of the pendulum’s position. I will be doing Monte-Carlo simulations to obtain an approximation to this PDF.

The response of the …