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SNE # 01. Example of ESSI simulation and visualization with visitESSI

These are the results of a simple elastic-domain simulation. Mesh consists of

  • 154523 Nodes (46359 DOFs)
  • 1250 27 node bricks (LT formulation)
  • 1200 time-steps (dt = 0.01s)

Results were stored in the new format of output for ESSI simulator and visualized in VisIt post-processor where the movie was created.

SNE # 0. Stochastic inverse pendulum

This is the first installment of “Small Numerical Experiments” (SNE), a section where I upload and comment (briefly) some small numerical example. The purpose is to prove a point to myself, test some code, ideas, etc.


In this first post I will explore the response of a stochastic inverse pendulum. What I mean in this case is an inverse pendulum (shown left) with a random initial condition. The purpose is to obtain the time-evolving probability density function (PDF) of the pendulum’s position. I will be doing Monte-Carlo simulations to obtain an approximation to this PDF.

The response of the …